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The Indian Review of Space Law (IRASL) Blog was launched this year with the aim of making the Indian Review of Air and Space Law more accessible, compact and digestible to readers interested in aviation and space law. The idea was conceptualised by active contributions of the CRASL Team. Free from the trappings of academic complexity and rigidity, the IRASL Blog provides analyses of specific, contemporary legal issues in bite-sized and easy-to-read pieces; all while making no compromises on the quality of the content. With articles ranging from pragmatic application to abstract analysis, and everything in between, we endeavour to throw open air and space law to the masses, making it a 'niche' subject no longer.

We encourage you to engage with our Blog, share your thoughts, and join us in shaping the future of aviation and space law. Stay tuned for captivating insights with the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law.

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