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Spaviatech Law

Spaviatech Law is a boutique law firm specializing in Asset Financing, Aerospace, International Trade/Technology Law which provides highly specialized legal services to clients operating in these specific areas. The firm focuses on understanding and addressing the unique legal challenges and complexities that arise in asset financing, aerospace industry, and international trade and technology law.


Çakmak is a highly esteemed top-tier law firm in Turkey, renowned for its exceptional legal services since its establishment in 1993. With a strong presence in both Ankara and İstanbul, the firm has successfully represented numerous international and Turkish clients across a broad spectrum of private and public transactions. Combining their in-depth knowledge of local law with a comprehensive understanding of international practices, Çakmak offers invaluable expertise to clients navigating the intricate legal landscape of Turkey. Whether engaging in commercial ventures or seeking legal counsel, Çakmak's unrivaled experience positions them as a trusted partner for businesses operating in Turkey today.

To be announced soon.


The Centre is looking to engage Full/Part-time interns on a rolling basis to assist with the activities of the Centre. The applicants are required to mention the duration of their availability at the time of application itself.


Minimum duration is four weeks. Preference shall be given to applicants who are available for longer durations.


All Applicants are required to apply 1 month prior to the proposed starting date of Internship. The applicants are required to submit their CVs and a Statement of Purpose (maximum 400 words) to mentioning the period of internship for which they are available. The interns shall be informed of their selection via email.

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