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  1. All submissions shall be accepted only via the Google Form attached here.

  2. Submissions shall be accepted on a rolling basis from students, legal professionals, academicians, and those with a keen interest in the field of aviation and space law.

  3. Co-authorship is permitted, up to a maximum of 2 authors.

  4. The submission sent to the IRASL Blog must be original, unpublished and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, either online or in print. 

  5. Failure to meet the General Guidelines shall result in automatic rejection of the submission, irrespective of the quality of the submission.



  1. Submissions shall be between 1200 – 1500 words long. 

  2. All submissions must relate substantially or materially to the field of aviation law or space law, wherein the coverage of contemporary issues is encouraged. 

  3. The IRASL Editorial Board, although proactively ensuring compliance with the prescribed word limit, is flexible regarding the word count, depending upon the quality of the submission. 

  4. All submissions must be the original, unpublished work of the author(s). 

  5. The maximum similarity index of a submission must not exceed 15%. 

  6. The article must not contain any reference to the identity of the author, including their name, institutional affiliation, or any other information by which they may be identified. 



  1. All submissions must be in Times New Roman, font size 12 and with 1.5 line spacing. 

  2. Headings must be formatted in Times New Roman, font size 14, with 1.5 line spacing and must be bolded. 

  3. Sub-headings must be formatted in Times New Roman, font size 14, with 1.5 line spacing and must be underlined in Small Caps. 

  4. The IRASL Blog shall only accepts hyperlinks to sources, and not endnotes or footnotes. In cases where hyperlinking is not possible, the submission may contain endnotes following any uniform citation style, in Times New Roman, font size 10 with 1 line spacing.

  5. All submissions must be sent to the IRASL Blog only as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx). The name of the document shall be the title of the submission. 



  1. All submissions shall go through four stages of review. 

  2. The Editorial Board reserves absolute discretion in matters relating to the acceptance or rejection of a submission. 

  3. The Editorial Board shall strive to get back to the author(s) within 15 days of their submission. 


For all queries relating to the IRASL Blog, feel free to reach out to us at

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