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1. Working Group on Air & Space Law and Governance


2. Courses: Diploma Programme, Certificate Courses and Workshops in Air and Space Law

The Courses offered by the Centre shall include:

  • Core lectures from experts on the concepts, principles and rules involved in the various disciplines of Space Law;

  • Hands-on practical exercises linked to lectures, on topics such as diplomatic negotiations, aerospace traffic management, military use of spectrum, space debris and simulated legal, policy and commercial problem-solving and debate;

  • Social and other networking activities.


3. Annual Faculty Development Programme on Air & Space Law

MNLU Mumbai shall hold an Annual Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) on Space Law carefully designed to bridge the gap in quality research and teaching skills that are required in space law. The FDP is dedicated to fostering world-class research and scholarship in space law, promoting public engagement in and understanding of issues relating to space governance, and to building valuable conversations and collaborations between scholars and practitioners. The program aims to train around 50 law faculties and 50 industry experts in a year in the areas of space law. This FDP shall be the first space law faculty development program organised by a law school in India.


4. Annual Indian Conference on Air & Space Law and Policy

5. Indian Air and Space Law Practitioners’ Symposium

During the Symposium experts present the latest developments impacting on air and space. The Forum promotes open and free discourse and will focus on the legal and policy aspects of, as well as the recent developments in air and space. It will be an interactive and high-level networking experience based on the very current topic.


The event shall also have a panel of early-career scholars and professionals to present air and space law-related topics.


6. Research Projects

Working Paper on “Overt Weaponization of Space: Constructing Sovereign Responsibility in Outer Space”



7. Research Council

The Centre shall create a Research Council to conduct research and issue work products to influence current legislative and regulatory efforts on both domestic and international levels. The Council shall also sanction research projects to research scholars and academics to work on niche areas. Three main goals of the Council are:

  • To promote the development of law for the peaceful use of outer space

  • To facilitate the growth of the commercial space industry

  • To train next-generation space lawyers


8. Early Career Fellowship Programme

The Centre’s Early Career Fellowship Programme (non-stipendiary programme) encourages post-doctoral researchers or other early career researchers engaged in the broad field of air and space law to undertake their research at MNLU Mumbai. Early Career Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in many of the activities of the Centre and are encouraged to contribute to the collegial research environment. Early Career Fellows will be entitled to make use of the University’s research facilities and libraries, and to attend seminars and lectures plus other academic gatherings open to the university community. (Openings to be announced soon)

9. Research Visitor Programme

The Research Visitor Programme encourages mid-career and senior scholars, judges, practitioners, post-doctoral researchers and policy-makers engaged in the field of air and space law to visit MNLU Mumbai. The programme is designed for visitors who plan a period of self-directed study to spend time at MNLU Mumbai to undertake research. (Openings to be announced soon)

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